We offer double bass bows in all qualities – from student bows (carbon and wood) to master bows.

We supply bows by:
Heiko Wunderlich
Bernd Dölling
Roderich Paesold
H.R. Pfretzschner
and many more

Please ask which models are currently in stock.


If you want to amplify your double bass, searching for the right pickup can be a lengthy and often costly endeavour.
We keep our eyes open to new products and innovations – as bass players we test the pickups, piezos and micros ourselves and know what combination of amplifier or preamp sounds good. All pickups are mounted on a double bass and can be tested. So everyone finds "their sound".

All pickups are in stock. Installation is free in most cases.

Our most popular models (prices incl. 20% VAT)
DPA d:vote 4099B Microphone € 499,-
Ehrlund EAP Set Set-price € 439,-
Fishman FullCircle € 299,-
Realist and Realist Life Line € 219,-
Wilson K1 € 270,-
Wilson K4 € 649,-


Good amplified double bass sound does not only depend on micro/piezo, but also requires an amplifier or preamplifier that is optimized for the double bass.

We are specialists for everything concerning the live amplification of your bass and provide a selected range of amplifiers in all price ranges and sizes.

Here are our most popular models – more double bass amps on request.

Acoustic Image Coda 611 AA Plus (S4 Plus)

€ 1790,- incl. 20% VAT.

The top model by Acoustic Image can be easily carried along with the bass and offers incredible performance at only 14 kg in a surprisingly small package.
- 2 Channels (XLR and 1/4 inch inputs)
- 4-band EQ (Lo – LoMid – HiMid – Treble)
- 350 watts (8-ohms) – 650 watts (4-ohms)
- Combo Docking System (Amphead can be removed and used separately)
- Phantom Power, Pre-Out, DI Out, and many more

in stock: 1 piece

Phil Jones Bass Basscup 100

€ 590,- incl. 20% VAT.

Phil Jones is already a legend when it comes to affordable bass amps with great sound – our starter amp with 100 watts and only 6 kg is perfect for amplifying your double bass: 2 inputs to combine micro and piezo (piezo compatible input with up to 4 megaohm), DI Out, Line Out and Tuner Out make it universally applicable. Thick padded carrying case included.


€ 140,- incl. 20% VAT.

The best transport solution for the double bass – the Bassbuggie can be mounted on the outside of all bags and you are ready to go within 30 seconds. The advantage over bass wheels is that no load is exerted on the sensitive lower block. The large wheels roll smoothly and quietly even over cobblestones or grit.


We provide bags of different manufacturers (Bassico, Gewa, Soundwear) in all standard sizes.

Strings, endpins, tuning machines, etc.

We provide a huge range of strings (jazz, classical, hybrid), endpins (e.g. ULSA, Bender, etc.), spiked rubbers, bass bags, bow cases, bow hangers, bow quivers, humidifiers, hygrometers, cables, double bass tuning machines (Rubner, Baker) and many more – too many to be listed here.

Please contact us for individual requests.

Strings (prices incl. 20% VAT)
Belcanto Thomastik Infeld
set Orchester oder Solo
€ 209,-
Spirocor (Weich) Thomastik Infeld
set Orchester versch. Größen
€ 209,-
Evah Pirazzi (Weich) Pirastro
set Orchester
€ 239,-